Iona’s new home

site hiresThis is me on the banks of our mighty Awa on our cleared site. And here is a pencil perspective of what she’ll look like as part of the new tinyhouse. More about the boat itself in another post – for this one, just know she’ll be on her side, with what is now the deck facing out towards the river. There’ll be a new extension out there, mostly in the shape of the boat, and that’ll have a boat-shaped front face with beautiful timber joinery, all the better to take in the view. You’ll be able to sit in the huge open doorway, watching the river roll by, in absolute peace. Currently we’re waiting for the construction prices to come in – amazingly I had a call from a quantity surveyor who realised that he’d once worked on the boat, years ago in Otago while a member of the Merchant Navy!  I’ve had several calls like this, which I’ll tell you about – I love that the Iona is already part of Aotearoa’s history, she already has many stories to tell – and the building will be a mix of old and new materials too, continuing that history but adding to it, making a new story.Perspec from backfinal crop